VOZAMP3 is a VOICE TO MP3 Program that is used to record audio in MP3 format, directly from your computer's Microphone | VozAMp3 from Sabro.net


VOZAMP3 is a Voice to MP3 recording program that is used to easily and quickly record Audios in MP3 format.

This program allows you to record your voice in high quality and with an optimized size in each MP3 file to be able to share them easily by Email, or record voice notes, or to upload audios to any website or even to start your own Podcast.

Instructions for Use: The program works on any computer with a Windows operating system (from Windows XP to Windows 11), the only requirements are: having a Windows computer that has a built-in microphone or an external microphone connected to your computer and define the directory or folder where you want to save your audios, which will be generated immediately with the name according to the date and time of each recording, with a maximum time of 10 hours per audio in the Licensed Version.

MIC TO EMAIL is a 100% guaranteed to be provided, free of Viruses, Malware, Retargeting Ads and activity trackers, as do some other "Free" programs available on the internet, which can ultimately compromise the security of your computer or slow it down.

You can download this program for free at the bottom of this page and if you later also want to purchase a License, to extend the program's functionalities, you can later and optionally purchase a License within the program.

Download this program for FREE below:


After downloading our .EXE file to your computer, since this is a downloaded .EXE file from the internet, the first time you run this program, Windows will likely give you a blue alert that says: "Windows prevented a Unrecognized application..." Just ignore that message, click the LEARN MORE link, and then click on the RUN ANYWAY button.