Brief Description:

"Softwatre and Hosting to broadcast your Radio live on the Internet, from your own computer or Android cell phone, so that your customers can listen to you live and free from the browser of any computer, laptop, tablet or cell phone (even with the screen off)"

This Service is ideal for existing radios that want to broadcast online, as well as for starting a new profitable business of launching your own live Podcast, or putting your own Radio on the Internet and charging other businesses to play ads on your Radio !

Example of Live Radio:

Radio Musica Clasica |

Full Description of the Service:

• Radio Hosting (Streaming Hosting service) available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Software to stream from your own computer (Windows, Mac or Linux) or even from any Android tablet or cell phone, no special equipment required, just a computer, tablet or cell phone with a microphone and internet connection.

• Easy to use instructions, in less than 20 minutes you will be able to configure your computer, tablet or cell phone to transmit your radio on the internet, either live using your microphone or leave your radio programmed with mp3 songs that would be played automatically from your computer.

• Includes your own web address, through a subdomain of Example [name of your radio] and if you already have a web page you can embed our Player to listen to your online radio from your own website.

• Your Radio will be listened to with high quality for free by your listeners from any browser on any computer, tablet or cell phone that has internet.

• Our Streaming Hosting service is reliable and guaranteed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

• Your online radio can be customized so that when you are not broadcasting online, you can leave an announcement in mp3 format to indicate that your radio is not on the air at the moment or leave the radio silent.

• Service activated in less than 5 days, your own online radio will be delivered working, fully tested and with complete instructions so that you can easily broadcast live from your own computer, tablet or cell phone, or play pre-programmed music from your computer. (To start broadcasting, you only need to open the software that we will provide you by email, connect your Radio or your microphone directly to the audio input of your computer, tablet or cell phone and that's it, you will be broadcasting your radio over the internet, from your own address Web.)

• Free warranty and support throughout the year.

• A single annual payment, no setup or configuration fees and no additional charges.

Requirements to acquire this service:

Requirement 1: Have an active internet connection to be able to transmit your radio without any interruption.

Requirement 2: Have a computer to broadcast your radio online (either windows, mac or linux) with a microphone or audio input, or if you don't have a computer you can also broadcast your radio online, from a tablet or android phone with a built-in microphone.

Requirement 3: Hire the service with the corresponding payment

Your Radio Online will be available on the Internet and will be delivered to you along with the instructions to operate it in less than five business days after making your payment. This payment must be made in advance for the total amount and can be paid with Western Union, MoneyGram, Paypal, or by credit card or by transfer or deposit at Banco Industrial Guatemala.

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