SABRO.NET LED BANNER Led Banner is a program compatible with Windows (xp, 7, 10 and 11) that allows you to convert any laptop or desktop screen into a large sign of scrolling neon letters, with messages scrolling from right to left which is useful to announce offers, promotions, prices, vehicular traffic alerts and any type of announcements, which they can be seen by many people even located at long distances. You could even connect a 72-inch monitor or projector to your computer via an HDMI or VGA cable to put up giant ads in your business or even on the road so your ads can be seen by thousands of vehicles.

You can download this program on your computer for Free to test it at no cost and without any commitment, and if you later would like to purchase a license to use this program without any limitations, you can also optionally purchase a Monthly or Annual License with the following buttons: