Sabro ALARM is a compatible program for Windows (xp, 7, 10 and 11) with functions of Alarm, Stopwatch and Timer with Audible Alarm Ideal for measuring and improving personal productivity on any Windows-based laptop and desktop computer.

With this program you can easily section the tasks that you perform on your computer, either by programming a Timer or Stopwatch or by setting an audible alarm for any time of the day, which will sound even with the program minimized on your computer, while you work in other programs or while browsing any internet page.

To maximize the productivity of your work or the productivity of your employees in your company, you can use the POMODORO technique, right after downloading our program for free.


You can download this program on your computer below, completely Free to test it on your computer free of charge and without any obligation, and if you later wish to acquire a license to use this program without any limitation, You can also later and optionally purchase a Monthly or Annual License in the following buttons. (When purchasing a paid license, You can use the same license simultaneously on all the computers you have or on all the computers in your company. with a single license and without any limitations.)

Download this program for FREE here: