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Generacion de Códigos QR para menu de restaurante con diseño y mantenimiento opcional del Menu


This service consists of generating for your Restaurant or Company a QR Code that can be scanned from any cell phone to display, on your customers' cell phone screen, the Menu of your restaurant or the catalog of your company in PDF format which will be available online, at any time, 365 days a year, which you can change or update at no cost, as many times as you want to always keep it updated and current.

Optionally, we can also offer you the service of professionally designing your company's PDF Menu, to display photos of your dishes or your company's products in a more attractive way.


Advantages for your restaurant or company:

● Improves customer experience: QR codes allow customers to view the menu digitally, giving them more options and allowing them to make a more informed decision. They can also make contactless ordering and payment, saving restaurant staff time and effort.

● Reduce costs: QR codes eliminate the need for physical menus, saving money on printing and distribution. They can also help reduce paper waste, which is beneficial for the environment.

● Makes it easy to update the menu: QR codes allow restaurants to update their menu quickly and easily, which is important to reflect seasonal changes or special promotions.

● Incentive your customers: Your restaurant or company can offer discounts or special promotions to customers who scan your QR code, which encourages customers to use the QR code more so that you stop spending on printing Menus that are more difficult to keep prices and promotions updated, as you would have to cross them out or you would have to spend again on new Menu printing.

Advantages for your clients:

● Greater Convenience: QR codes allow customers to view the menu digitally, which is more convenient than having to flip through a physical menu.

● Better visual experience: QR codes allow restaurants to create engaging and visually appealing digital menus.

● Contactless payment options: QR codes allow customers to make contactless orders and payments, which is safer and more convenient. Overall, QR codes for restaurant menus offer a number of advantages for both restaurants and customers. They are an effective way to improve customer experience, reduce costs and make it easier to update your menu.


If you already have the design of your Menu or Catalog in PDF format, you only have to send us by Email the PDF file you you already have to show it to your customers, and we will take care of generating the QR code for your Menu, as well as to host it online so that your Menu is available and current every day and at any time, for a whole year, for only Q500 (US$65) annually.

If you do not yet have the design of your Menu or Catalog in PDF format, we can also optionally quote you the Design service of your Menu or Digital Catalog, as well as the optional update service to keep your Menu updated, from addittional Q500 (US$65).

This payment can be made through Paypal or through a deposit or online transfer at Banco Industrial or Banco GyT de Guatemala, or through Westerunion, or by credit card or through Paypal, according to the instructions that will be sent to you, after requesting this service through WhatsApp or by Email, according to the option selected below:

(If you want to request this service and do not have WhatsApp, you can request it by Email,