PDF DECODER - Program to unlock password-protected PDF files (PDF PASSWORD UNLOCKER)


PDF DECODER is a Windows program compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and Windows 11, this program is used to unlock password-protected PDF files, without the need for internet and without having to publicly upload or share your PDF files on the internet.

This program could help you find the password of any password-protected PDF file, in a 100% secure way, since it works directly from your own computer, without the need for internet and without you having to share or upload your PDF files on any website, because when you upload a PDF file to a website, there is no certainty that your files will not be publicly stored, viewed and shared on the internet with anyone.

PDF Decoder works by testing passwords with millions of possible combinations in any PDF file that you would like to unlock. The program offers 3 unlocking modes, which are:

1. The Fast mode, in which it is tested to automatically unlock your PDF files, with a list of 5 thousand most commonly used passwords around the world, which could take a maximum of 5 minutes to complete, indicating at the end if The PDF file you entered was unlocked or not.

2. Regular mode, recommended for when Fast mode didn't work. In this Regular mode the program tries to unlock your PDF file with a list of 1 million common passwords, this mode could take a maximum of 10 hours to complete, indicating at the end of this time if the PDF file was unlocked or not.

3. Full mode, recommended when the Fast mode and the Regular mode did not work. This Complete mode is unique in the whole world, in this mode, the program tries to unlock your PDF file with a list of 7 million most used passwords in the world, this mode could take a maximum of 3 days to complete, indicating at the end of this time whether or not the PDF file you entered was unlocked or not, this professional option is recommended when your PDF file is very important to unlock.

It is important to note that this program is offered with the purpose of being able to recover passwords from legitimate PDF files, which are the user's authorship, such as when the password of your PDF file has been forgotten and which genuinely belongs to you, so under no circumstances this program should be used in a way that infringes copyright laws, so the customer is solely responsible for the correct use of this program.

This program is offered as Freemium software, so it can always be used for free, with some limitations that can be removed by optionally acquiring a license within the program.

PDF decoder is guaranteed to be free of Viruses, Malware, Retargeting Ads and activity trackers, as other "free" programs available on the Internet do, which can compromise the security of your computer or slow down your machine.

You can download this program for free at the end of this page and if you later also want to purchase a License, to be able to unlimitedly decrypt the passwords of all your PDF files, you can later purchase a License to extend the program's functionalities.

Download this program for FREE below:


After downloading our .EXE file to your computer, since this is a downloaded .EXE file from the internet, the first time you run this program, Windows will likely give you a blue alert that says: "Windows prevented a Unrecognized application..." Just ignore that message, click the LEARN MORE link, and then click on the RUN ANYWAY button.