The Problems of a CONVENTIONAL Web Hosting

Surely you have seen the problems of a website with a bad hosting service, or possibly you have experienced yourself a hosting with a bad Email service, or Spam problems, insufficient space or problems sending or receiving emails that never reach their recipients or get delivered directly to the spam folder, probably you have also experienced an unstable web hosting service, where the web pages do not load fast, or presents other hosting problems as viruses, malware, etc. Probably you have also seen websites that cannot be updated easily, or maybe you have experienced the common problems of a shared hosting service where a websites is not as stable as a website on a dedicated server. Another common problem with other web hosting providers is that they do not offer an wasy way to modify your website by your self, instead you must request every single change to someone, who oftenly is not available, the same happens when you need to create more email accounts or manage your hosting.

Any of the problems described above, turn into losses of money and a waste of business opportunities, because as incredible as it sounds, today a good web hosting service is the backbone of any online business. A failure in any of these elements, can be easily turned into lost opportunities, because of the income that you would stop receiving, due to the fact of not having a good web hosting service provider.

Benefits of Our NEW Hosting Service

Our new web hosting service is completely based on Premium and Top of the Line Dedicated Servers (not on shared hosting servers where your hosting service and website would be compromised by the behavior and load of thousands of websites hosted on a single server, as it happens with other hosting services of "low cost", available in the market, which also slow down the loading time of your website wich would become a very poor experience for your visitors and users.)

With our web hosting service, you will not receive any more unwanted emails and spam problems, because our dedicated servers are installed with an outstanding Antispam algorithm, to offer you an extraordinary email service with a Spam-free experience, With our hosting you can also control the space available for each of your email accounts and thus avoid the common space problems presented in other web hosting servers.

Another of the great benefits of our hosting service is that all our disks are monitored 24 hours and 7 days a week, to avoid Malware and malicious code problems, as well as scheduled maintenance and backup service every 24 hours, so Your Email service and website availability will have the highest quality and stability available on the market.

All our hosting plans offers direct access to a complete control Panel with FTP access as well, where you can fully manage all your emails at any time of the day, such as creating more email accounts, deleting email accounts or changing email passwords without having to depend on anyone to manage your email accounts, as well as full access to the Management of your website files, so you can edit and update your website's photos and texts at any time, without having to depend on anyone, and all this in an easy way, thanks to the instructions that we provide with your own username and password to access your own hosting account.

Who can Apply to our 15 days Hosting Trial ?

Our web hosting service is aimed at companies and individuals, located anywhere in the world, who need to have a reliable and completely manageable web hosting service, ideal for managing, creating and deleting email accounts whenever they need it.

All our email accounts can be reviewd from any browser as well as from any cell phone, tablet or computer through APPs and Email programs, such as Outlook, Thunderbidr, and many more.

Our exclusive clients use the resources of our servers to their maximum satisfaction, always in a responsible way. Important: Spam practices and mass e-mailing are not allowed, nor is the storage of inappropriate content, pornographic content, or materials that infringe copyright, for this reason we reserve the right of admission or cancellation of our premium Web hosting service.

The trial period of 15 days applies only to companies or individuals who contract the registration of their domain name with us (any .COM domain of your choice that is available for registration).

If you already have a domain registered (either at or any other domain registrar), You can also try our hosting service, with the only difference that 15-day trial period would not be free, this 15-day hosting trial period would cost US $ 20 or Q150, which you can pay at the bottom of this page, so that you can experience the quality of our service during this 15 days, and then decide if you want to hire our annual hosting service.)

Frequently Asked Questions

The 15 days Trial hosting is delivered with a Control Panel (cPanel), FTP access, 2 Gigabytes disk capacity and the option to create up to 50 POP3 email accounts, revisable via webmail (RoundCube) and on Android or iPhones cell phones from the MyMAIL APP or on computers through Outlook, Thunderbird or any other program to check emails. The delivery of the test hosting is done by means of an Email that will be sent to your email with the instructions to be able to use your hosting and manage your email accounts, as well as our support at no additional cost, by email and by whatsapp, for clarify any questions you may have in relation to our hosting service.

To start the 15-day trial period of our hosting service, you only need to contract with us, the registration of your .COM domain with us, which has a cost of US $ 35 or Q.250.

If you already have a registered domain, you can also activate our 15-day trial hosting service for your domain, for only US $ 20 or Q.150, paying any of these two options at the bottom of this page.

The 15-day trial period is available free of charge only to customers who pay the registration of their domain (any .COM domain of their choice that is available) with us. If you already have a domain registered with Godaddy or any other domain registrar, you can also try our hosting service, with the only difference that it would not apply to the 15-day free trial period, this 15-day trial hosting period would cost US $ 20 or Q150 for you to experience the quality of our service for 15 days and then decide if you want to hire our annual hosting service. (If you already have a registered domain, you will only have to change the DNS of your domain to the servers: and after paying below for the 15 days trial period)

At the end of your 15-day trial period, we will contact you by email to confirm if you wish to hire our Annual hosting service (with a cost of US $ 260/year (Q2000) for the 2Gb Hosting Service). You will be able to make this payment with Moneygram, Westerunion, or with a bank deposit in Guatemala, or through paypal, or pay online with a credit card, through the link that we will provide you by email. (If you do not want to hire our hosting service, there is no problem and no commitment, the hosting service will simply be suspended until you want to hire it and without any problem you could change the DNS of your domain or transfer your domain to any other domain registrar, without any inconvenience).

There is no problem, if you already have an email service enabled with Google emails, or with emails from Microsoft or with emails from Zoho and you have complete control of your domain in godaddy or any other domain registrar, and you want to try our hosting service to upload your web page, you can still try our hosting service for 15 days on your own domain, without any changes to your current email service (without losing any of the emails that you already have and without any problem with your passwords), you only have to pay below the trial period of 15 days, then you must send us an email to indicating which is the email service that you have enabled on your domain (Google, Zoho or Microsot), and 24 hours later we will send you the instructions to change the DNS of your domain to: and along with the instructions to start using your new hosting enabled for 15 days and thus be able to upload your web page directly to your domain's new hosting, without any change in your Email service (If you additionally, want us to design your web page, we can also quote it for you).

Hundreds of clients around the world have successfully contracted our hosting services, if you want to see and even contact some of the companies and individuals who host their website on our servers and who have also contracted our web design service, you can see our client portfolio clicking on This Link

If you are interested in trying our hosting service for 15 days, by contracting with us the registration of your .COM domain, you can then check if your domain is still available just by clicking here

Activate your 15-day trial period

To activate your trial period of 15 days, you can pay the option that interests you, through Paypal, or by credit card or with a deposit in Banks of Guatemala or through Westernunion, or MoneyGram, selecting any of the following options:

(Note: After making your payment, you must send an email to confirming your payment confirmation code, the selected option and the name of your domain so that in the next 24 hours, we will enable your trial period of 15 days.)



If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at or by whatsapp at +502 5000 4770